Client Story: Pharmacy Chain 02

Client Story Retail Accelerator

This Australian based pharmacy chain offers professional, personalised service and health care solutions. During its more than 50 years in pharmacy this company has amassed over 165 stores across Australia.

The chain engaged with Lifecycle Digital to get closer to their customers by optimising their loyalty program.

The pharmacy chainís original loyalty engine was unfriendly and outdated, it could not provide them with the tools they needed to optimise their loyalty program. The platform was stunting the growth of their marketing initiatives.

Their outdated and limited loyalty engine meant they were struggling to develop their loyalty program to its full potential. Generating meaningful insights from the existing platform was very difficult. The Head Office was struggling to ensure all stores were conducting loyalty initiatives that were meaningful, on-brand and on-strategy.

Lifecycle Digital understands each of our clientsí have individual needs, for that very reason our Retail Accelerator is modular. We implemented the loyalty module of Retail Accelerator for this client to reinvigorate and maximise the potential of the pharmacy chainís loyalty program.nies emailing and unsubscribing process.
The Retail Accelerator has helped Australiaís largest retail pharmacy chain to boost all aspects of their rewards program. Not only has the program brought them closer to their existing customers since the loyalty module was implemented in 2013 their total database has grown an enormous 130%.

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