Retail Accelerator

Retail Accelerator


Leapfrog your competition and always be one step ahead of your customers with our modular plug-in-and-play Retail Accelerator. Simply choose to have all of the modules or just a few:


Journeys gives marketers in the retail sector the ability to create comprehensive marketing programs that span segments and channels and drive positive results at every customer touchpoint.

Developed to maximise the benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Journeys can help marketers develop their programs from basic automation to true multichannel marketing that puts the customer first.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

The Abandoned Shopping Cart solution captures the maximum possible revenue from your existing traffic by using real-time behavioral data and content.

Abandoned Shopping Cart challenges the traditional retail cart abandonment by capitalizing on multi channel, multi stage triggers along the customer journey that combine email, SMS and digital advertising.

Data Management

Our Data management platform leverages the most innovative data analytics technology to transform disparate data into clean, manageable and actionable data. Marketers benefit from fast, secure analysis and management processes that maximise data-driven marketing campaigns with total data visibility.


Our loyalty platform is an all-in-one loyalty marketing tool designed to maximise customer retention and drive advocacy using mobile, social, in-store, and data technologies. The platform provides marketers with an array of mechanics for conducting any loyalty program using mobile, social and in-store platforms. Marketers can capture rich data and track, analyze and report on loyalty marketing via dashboards, microsites and a data warehouse.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence fuels a smarter view of the customer. By combining historical consumer data with statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques, marketers can identify the likelihood of future outcomes. More and more marketers in the retail industry are turning to predictive analytics to increase their bottom line and competitive advantage.


Consolidating customer data from multiple retail channels i.e. POS, CRM, inventory and marketing analytics is the first step. However, to succeed in the industry, retailers must then monitor and analyse this data in a way that is easily accessible, timely and cost-efficient. We offer a suite of comprehensive reporting solutions which can be implemented as an integrated solution or as required.


Itís a marketing solution that provides all the marketing tools retail companies need to put their customers first. The solution is modular so it can be tailored to each of our clientís individual needs and their desired marketing outcomes. Retailers are using our Retail Accelerator to build personalised customer experiences across all channels.

This accelerator helps retailers create seamless, personalised customer experiences. ó from the POS, to the customer experience, to repeat purchases. Using our modular plug-in-and-play accelerator you can create a custom marketing solution that suits your business. Choose whether your retail business would benefit most from our cart abandonment software, data management platform, innovative loyalty solution, our predictive intelligence or customer journeys, or the entire package.

The Lifecycle Digital Retail Accelerator is popular with marketers who are responsible for in-store and customer experiences across the brand. Our primary customers are C-level executives, but it can be anyone responsible for growing their retail business through digital channels.

Our most popular solution includes everything you need for end-to-end, retail marketing, but as itís a modular plug-in-and-play solution it can be customised for each business.

Pricing varies based on each customerís individual needs. Due to the modular nature of the product Lifecycle Digital will work with you to tailor a package that meets your marketing requirements and price considerations. If you are interested in getting a price contact us today.

We have offices in Australia, India and Singapore and work across the entire APAC region. We currently service companies across Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Yes absolutely! We can work with already existing Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts or implement one for you.


We worked with Australiaís largest Pharmacy Chain to supercharge their loyalty program.

Retailers today need to distinguish themselves from the masses to be successful.

To do so, they must focus on one key component: their customer.

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